xichang1FAQ – Sperm Shopper


Are you an independent retailer? 

No we are an Amazon affiliate. This means Sperm Shopper is an online store which combines its own niche specialist knowledge and quality assurance with Amazon’s unbeatable retail reach and reputation.


I want to buy your products but I am not sure about entering my credit card details on your site. How secure is my credit card?

On check out you will be taken to Amazon for payment. Your transaction is entirely handled by Amazon. We have no involvement in that process in any way and your credit card details are completely secure with Amazon.


How can I be sure of the quality of the products?

Sperm Shopper knows our field like no-one else.  Will not offer products which we feel should not be marketed due to poor science or inferior quality.

Before each and every Amazon product is listed here on Sperm Shopper, we check its reviews and make sure that customers like you are satisfied with what they got. If it doesn’t review well on Amazon, we will not list it here. You can trust Sperm Shopper to weed out the substandard products, or those that make dubious claims which are called out by those who purchased it. You can shop here in full confidence that we have filtered out only the best products for you.


How long does delivery take?

Amazon handle the delivery. It depends on the option you pick and also your location. Free delivery usually takes between 3-5 days.

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