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This guide is for couples who need donor sperm due to vasectomy, azoospermia, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, or other male-factor infertility, for lesbians, and for single-by-choice moms who want to get pregnant

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This guide is for couples who need donor sperm due to vasectomy, azoospermia, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, or other male-factor infertility, for lesbians, and for single-by-choice moms who want to get pregnant for free without using a sperm bank, especially women who want to know how to get pregnant without having sex. It is also for the men who want to become free sperm donors in order to help them. This book is different from almost every other book on the market about getting pregnant by donor insemination. Most books on donor insemination are written by women, especially lesbians or women in heterosexual couples suffering from male factor infertility. This creates a certain bias in the other books that are available out there. They focus more on the recipient’s emotional needs, how to assuage her fears and anxieties, but do not focus on the technical aspects of how to best succeed in this endeavor. There is a valid role for this type of book. However, my book looks at the technical aspects of donor insemination, how to get the best results, and succeed in more pregnancies and sooner. For example, the recipient’s fears and anxieties can become a huge obstacle that must be overcome in order to succeed, so the focus in my book is how to overcome the fears and anxieties in order to succeed in getting her pregnant rather than how to help her feel better about them. With more than two dozen successes, I bring a proven understanding of which technical methods achieve results and which do not that few other authors can match. Not only is their perspective different, female author will only have participated in one or at most two pregnancies, they may speak from their experience as the partner and provider of emotional support and may not even have given birth to a single child or even been present for the conception. This book is unlikely to provide much in the way of emotional support, but it is going to provide technical expertise in achieving pregnancy I doubt you will find elsewhere. Read our reviews: “A masterfully written book on sperm donating and receiving! In easy to understand language, the author has written a concise guide for both recipients and donors alike interested in either donating or receiving private sperm donations. The author cuts through a lot of technical language, in such a way that the average person can understand private sperm donating to the point where they can easily receive samples and do it in their own private area, safely, and to their own optimal benefit to become pregnant. A fascinating book, with detailed insemination techniques, how to select donors, what type of questions to ask, how to protect anonymity and the such. With ever-growing interest in private sperm donating, this book written by an experienced sperm donor, offers many valuable tips to help facilitate a safe and optimal chance at getting pregnant. A must have book for those interested in private sperm donating and receiving!” “For couples with male fertility problems, or women who don’t have a male partner, in the past their only choice was a fertility clinic. But fertility clinics are expensive and often not covered by insurance. This book covers an alternative: a world where there are private donors who are willing to share their sperm for free. This book discusses the various issues around using a private donor, and then gets very practical – it describes where to find a donor, what to ask them, how to know when to perform an insemination, and how to go about doing it. Everything you need to know in a simple, practical manner.” “I appreciate the ease of reading and understanding this guide. I had a few questions about timing insemination at first but once I read this guide ALL my questions and uncertainties were answered. I believe this will help many women who have any questions regarding trying to conceive with a online donor. The pictures were helpful as well, they give more understanding on everything.”